Sonic Mole Chaser

Understanding a Sonic Mole Chaser

When moles invade the ground below, the plants in your garden can be seriously at risk of being destroyed. The landscaped finish will be no more. Plants, flowers and even grass could be displaced and die off, leaving your garden looking like a bulldozer went through it.

These moles feed on grubs, mites, earthworms, ants and other insects, and they make their shelter underground by creating a network of tunnels. These tunnels can run really deep. These tunnels could also be in close proximity to the surface of the ground causing your plants to uproot and eventually wither.

A member of Talpidae family, moles have distinctive webbed feet which are used primarily to paddle their way through the soil. Their hearing is very acute and their sense of touch is highly developed, which makes up for them being blind. They can be active the whole day and night making tunnels underground and feeding on the insects commonly found in plants and grasses.

Although they make look cute and harmless, getting rid of them should be one of your top priorities. Luckily, there are many ways to eliminate moles. You can use traps and set them up where active tunnels are located. You can use mole repellent products to repel the pests. Or you can use a sonic mole chaser.

A sonic mole chaser is deemed both humane and environmentally friendly in the fullest sense of the word: it does not harm the moles, your pets or any other animals. It simply annoys them enough to make them go away.

A sonic mole chaser is a device that does not capture and trap moles, but instead produces a sonic pulse of 300 Hz which penetrates underground and covers a maximum of 11,250 square feet or one-fourth of a hectare. Depending on the brand, the distance that sonic mole chasers can reach may vary.

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Manufactured from a single billet of aluminum, the device’s unobtrusive head in green color is watertight and can be buried underground for concealment. With a sonic mole chaser, the look of your garden or lawn stays the same. Its patented cylinder allows you to change battery without having to remove the device from the ground.

There are sonic devices that have dual modes to meet your needs. The p3 International Super Sonic mole chaser offers the Super Sonic mode and the Long Life. In Super Sonic mode, you are setting the device to maximum or most powerful sonic signals to get rid of those pesky moles. The Long Life mode allows you to extend the alkaline battery life of up to 12 months but with a less powerful sonic signal emission. Moreover, the mode can be set and interchanged as you wish with a simple flip of its switch, making it very versatile and perfect for dealing with mole infestation.

Another good thing about sonic mole chasers is it usually comes with a lifetime warranty.

Sonic mole chasers are an ingenious device approved by consumer groups and tested and passes strict US certified laboratory standards. With sonic mole chasers it’s no wonder golf courses, and professional landscapes make use of these ingenious devices.


Steps in Using a Mole Eliminator


The most common mole is the Eastern mole. It is gray to silvery gray in color and weighs from 3 to 6 ounces. Both its ears and eyes are covered in fur. Its body is round and thick and also covered in velvety fur. Moles have a pointed snout and enlarged front feet with sharp claws. Every spring, it breeds and gives birth to a litter for two years. They rely heavily on worms, beetles, grubs, mites and other insects found in most gardens.

While they are supposedly useful to lawns, golf courses and landscape, their lifestyle is destructive to the aesthetics of your lawn. They also cause your lawn grass and other plants to wither as they build their network of tunnel through them, causing the plants and grasses to uproot.

One method that guarantees efficacy in removing moles from your territory is by using best mole trap. Mole traps come in different designs and brands. The famous designs used in trapping moles are the Scissor Jaw, Harpoon, NoMol, and Choker loop. All four mole traps are designed to be set up onto the ground where moles build their tunnels.

The scissor jaws work by grabbing the moles as they try to re-build their shattered tunnels. The harpoon traps use spike to pierce through the moles, while NoMol lures moles into a hole where a container is previously set, making it impossible for the critters to escape. Choker loop chokes moles to death. Another style employed by professionals and homeowners in removing moles is the Easy Set Mole Eliminator by Wire Tek.

Wire Tek mole eliminator is unlike any other. Manufactured in the United States of America, the Wire Tek mole eliminator eliminates the guessing work in trapping moles. It does not require digging holes on the ground to set up the trap. In the market today, it is regarded as the most humane approach as it does not need wires, tongs and sharp prongs to make it functional. Setting up mole eliminators is simple in two easy steps.

Finding the right location. Before you set up your EasySet mole eliminator, it is best to find an active tunnel. It is easy to determine whether the tunnel is active; it has fresh, moist and worked-up soil. You can ensure it by poking a pencil into the tunnel several times to ascertain the approximate width and depth. If the tunnel is great in width, it is an indication that it has been in use more often and for a longer time. A tunnel with 4 ½ inch deep is a good place to set up your mole eliminator.

Setting the trap. Using your foot, press down the center point of the tunnel until it feels solid. This enables the tunnel to shatter and close. In a rocking motion, push both pairs of the closed jaws straight down into the tunnel. The trap should be aligned to the tunnel. The trap should be in a position where the trigger disc is above the flattened area while the outer frame is flush with the ground. Make it certain that the jaws are centered and aligned with the direction of the tunnel to enable the jaws to open across the tunnel as soon as set.

Step on the lever straight down until the trap is set. You will know that it is set when the levers go slightly past center and parallel to the ground. If the soil is hard and rocky, you may need to repeatedly step on the trap. Moreover, the trigger stem should be vertical as possible to prevent the bending possibility at the trigger disc.

Releasing the trap. When you have caught a mole, the levers of the trap will pop out. To remove the dead mole, pull the trap out of the ground with a rocking motion. You grab the frame on both ends and pull the levers against your body, allowing the mole to drop off.

Mole traps are the most efficient way to get rid of moles. However, you may need to follow instructions properly to ensure success in your ‘catch’.

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