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Getting Ready For Your New Bike?

Whether you just want to enjoy the outdoors or you are looking for a vacation that will include plenty of exercise, consider a vacation that is geared towards mountain bikes. An outdoor expedition with your mountain bike tends to have a little bit of something for everyone. You get nature, you get exercise and you get a chance to get away from it all. Of course there are plenty of bikes to choose from, that is why we are including mountain bike reviews along with our excursions and destinations pages.

Ready for bikingWhen we are planning a vacation we always search for destinations where we can take our mountain bikes. We have headed to the mountains, to lakes and to the beach. Many of the excursions we have done on our own, making them a true adventure. It gives us an opportunity to move at our own pace and explore our surroundings. There is not a time limit or time frame that you have to get from one place to the next. If we are having a great time, we can back track or try out different trails, but if we get tired we can just head to our next rest stop.

However, we have also enjoyed going on guided expeditions. When we have gone on these, we have found that we are often taken off the beaten path and are getting some of the best trail time. On the guided expeditions, someone has already done the exploring for you and has mapped out the most scenic routes. Guided tours are often given for beginners as well as experienced mountain bikers. This way you can enjoy the vacation whether you are new into mountain bikes or if you have been biking for years.

We recently branched out and took a mountain biking excursion over seas. We were fortunate to be able to enjoy the scenic beauty and trails of the Swiss Alps. We took our mountain bikes out or hiked during the day and took in the small Swiss towns during the evenings. We also spent a couple of days exploring the local museums and taking in the local cuisine. Mountain Biking outside the country has opened the doors to many more excursions. We hope to take our mountain bikes through Tuscany soon. Just make sure you take plenty of mountain bike parts in case something goes wrong and you might even consider a weatherproof bike cover for your mountain bike.

Vacationing with mountain bikes is different then the usual vacation. While you will still have some relaxing, down time, your main goal is to get out, bike and explore your surroundings. It is the optimum vacation for those of you who have a love for mountain bikes and want to enjoy nature, the landscape and plenty of exercise on your vacation. If that sounds like an ideal vacation for you than grab your bikes and get packing.


Diamond Trace Comp Dual Sport Bike

Diamondback Trace CompThere is no better thing than spending time in the country and the great outdoors in general, now is there?

The stunningly beautiful scenery and all that clean and fresh air will definitely make you feel reinvigorated and fill you with energy! They will help you “recharge your batteries” as they say!

Now, when discussing the nature and the great outdoors and the activities associated with them, I’m certain that the first thing that most people will think of, are activities such as hiking or exploring or even climbing!

In the past few years, since a lot of people have discovered a new and very exciting way of enjoying the time they spend in the great outdoors: mountain biking!

If you haven’t ridden a bike for some times, you may be wondering how it can be possible to ride a bike in a forest or even on a bumpy country road! Well, let’s just say that bikes have evolved very much in the last few years! Nowadays, we have state of the art mountain bikes, that, thanks to their unique design and equipment, can be ridden comfortably and safely on any kind of road and terrain, from the smooth city roads, all the way to bumpy, twisting and hard to navigate country roads and trails!

The best mountain bikes can pretty much handle every terrain and ground type you can think of! They also weigh very little, which makes fitting one in your car or carrying it around in general, really easy and practically effortless! In short, if you are looking for a new and very exciting way to spend your time in the country, then you definitely need to get your hands on a good mountain bike!

Like I said earlier, these bikes have become very popular, and as a result of this, cheap mountain bikes for sale can be found pretty much anywhere, even in super markets! The problem is though, that if you would like to have the safest and most comfortable ride, then buying the cheapest bike you find, is not a good idea! You should do some research and look for the best mountain bike for you!

Because of their huge popularity, there are now literally hundreds of models available on the market, which means that finding the right one for you can some time be a very time consuming process! But don’t worry, we are here to help you! In this review, we will talk about one of the best mountain bikes on the market, the Diamondback Trace Comp Dual Sport Bike!



Diamondback Trace CompWhat sets this bike apart from the competition, is the fact that it comes equipped with a wide variety of the latest and most high tech bike parts available! First of all, it features a specially designed frame, made entirely out of aluminum, which makes it really lightweight!

It’s also equipped with the state of the art  Alivio 8-speed drive train, made by Shimano, the foremost experts on bike speeds, complete with rapid-fire and easy to use shifters! These high tech gears will be of great help to you when it comes to getting  up hills and you can even use them to get a really good work out!

Brakes are also a vitally important component of every bike and the Diamondback Trace Comp doesn’t disappoint in that area! It comes equipped with Tektro linear pull brakes, that combined with its Innova DualSport 700c Tires with the Weinmann SL-7 double-wall rims, will ensure that you always stop as smoothly and safely as possible! Finally, you can even choose the size of the saddle for more comfort!



  • Unique design!

Thanks to its special Dual Sport design and butted aluminum frame, the Diamondback Trace Comp can be used in a wide variety of sports and activities and ridden safely and comfortably on all kinds of terrain and ground!

  • State of the art gear system!

The Diamondback Trace Comp Dual Sport Bike is equipped with the latest gear shifting made by industry leaders Shimano, that features their famous Alivio drive train and their specially designed, rapid fire shifters for quick and smooth gear shifts!

  • Great Brakes!

Going fast is cool, but a bike also has to be able to make sure that you stop safely as well! The Diamondback Comp Trace comes equipped with the high tech Hayes mechanical disc braking system, complete with easy to use Tektro brake levers! These will ensure that you will always stop smoothly and safely!

Diamondback Trace Comp

The Good and The Bad Concerning This Bike

The Good:

  1. Unique Dual Sport design!
  2. Can be used for a wide variety of sports and activities and ridden on all terrains!
  3. State of the art Shimano gear shifting system!
  4. Really safe brakes!
  5. You can choose one of three different saddle sizes for maximum comfort!
  6. It’s equipped with Innova 700c Tires and Weinmann SL-7 Double Wall Rims!
  7. Great price on

The Bad:

  1. A bit on the pricey side.
  2. Some adjustments may be necessary to use it to its full potential.


The best place to get the Diamondback Trace Comp Dual Sport Bike from, is definitely! Not only will you find the best price for it there, they also have many other discount mountain bikes for you to consider! They will also ship the item of your choice right to your doorstep.