A digital Caliper

A Guide to Digital Calipers For Machinists

Digital calipers are devices used for measuring accurately the dimensions of different materials or object. They are designed for the measurement of thousandth of inches with different metric measurement such as centimeters, millimeters, etc. These calipers are used mostly for the precise measurement of items used for various jobs.

There are vast applications of calipers in different fields. But the most important application associated with caliper is for metalwork. Jobs that need the perfect and correct measurement of materials utilize this device in order to measure the properties of objects like thickness of metal sheets that can be hard to get the correct and precise measurement with other measurement tools.

IP66 Digital Calipers (Waterproof)

IP66 Digital Calipers are utilized for taking different measurements. This device is available in the market in various shapes and types too. Workshops, factories and research centers are the few places where you can find them.

The IP66 device has two jaws on lower side which are designed to measure inside dimension, outside dimension and depth dimension of an object. They are slightly expensive but the measurements are much precise and accurate. Due to mal-conditioning of common calipers, IP66 calipers have taken over as the most known tool and almost all engineers prefer to use it.

These calipers are found in any type of industrial fields like gold field, metal field, research centers and steel industry. IP66 Digital Calipers are designed for the latest technology required by every business and an excellent way to get better quality products.

They are available in wide variety and you can select them from stores of measuring instruments. These calipers can also be customized as per your requirements to achieve special tasks. The variety of product ranges from special task to common task and the selection can be done based on these needs.

IP66 Waterproof calipers were first invented in the year 1990. It is much advanced and significant development of IP54 calipers, that had been designed to use in workshops associated with water, cooling fluid, oil or dust. Best digital calipers for machinist have become a most common measurement tool in almost all industrial fields. These calipers operate on simple principle. The device is held outside or inside the measuring object. As per the engineer needs, there are various forms of devices to measure object.

Features of IP66 Digital Calipers

  • New measuring system with conductive sensor of intellectually independent property.
  • Exposure of device to various fluids such as water, cooling fluid, oil or dust will not cause any harm
  • The operating of device is easy and does not need to be cleaned.
  • The caliper has power saving feature as well. Once you turn ON the device and do not use for about 20 minutes it will automatically turn OFF.

Digital calipers have gained much attention due to features of accurate and precise measurement, power saving option, exposure to dust, oil, etc and to top it all a better quality.

Perfect and Easy Measurements by Digital Caliper

A digital CaliperWe often need to measure thickness of some things at work where digital caliper turns to be highly useful.  It offers perfect measurements without much of the problem. Whenever your job needs object metric measurement you can use it.

Fields of usage:
In metal works it is vastly used. People usually do Perfect and Easy Measurements by Digital Caliper relating to objects like metals and ribbons etc. So here this one proves good and reliable. With any other instrument these measurements would be very tough job to do. Digital caliper is practical and simple providing ease of work.

Another field using it much is automobiles. Every technician working with automobiles has a caliper in his tools. Have a look at his tool box some day. Now the uses involve:
Measuring piston rings to make sure the perfect ones are attached or being used.
At manufacturing or adjusting vehicle parts measurements are required.

There are several other industries using digital calipers vastly which may be related to home owners or some engineering works. It’s because measurements are not limited to one field.

These days measurements are required everywhere and in every field.  They help to give a product perfect design. The biggest advantage of this its the digital design that have direct readout display, error free and they are perfect. Calipers have a high precision that may range to 0.0001 inches. Calipers made from high grade stainless steel are of good quality and preferred the most.

Types of digital calipers:

Basically digital calipers are divided in two types:

  1. Used for internal measurement purpose
  2. Used for external parts measurement.

You can either choose one that suits your work need or both of them depending with your work.

Working principle:
There is a linear encoder in digital calipers. The bar pattern is designed directly on a printed circuit board through a slider.

Below the print of scales there is one additional Printed board which has line pattern. These two PCB’S together form a capacitor arrangement. The movement of slider results in change of capacitance, where the change is repeating and linear and the capacitances get out of phase.

The slider movement causes the inside circuitry to move and count bars. Thus the capacitances magnitude turns to linear interpolation giving a precision slider position. That’s how the measurement reading arrives in digital calipers.

Pros and cons:

Each type of caliper has its own set of advantages and demerits.

In digital caliper zero adjustment is very easy. They have full count in either of directions.

In spite of hidden displays, measurements can be done by some alternate adjustment methods.

The cons 

Requirement of batteries
Are not coolant resistant
Shock resistance is mediocre
Mechanical and electronic fragility
More dirt exposure