Phone Dash Mount

Car Phone Mount – Why Should You Have It?

A car phone mount is a great tool in helping avoid the hazards of using a mobile device while driving. Vehicle and traffic law consider driving and mobile phones as a dangerous mix, as they could lead to serious road crashes and other related accidents. This is where the device comes in handy: the user can safely position his or her mobile device into the mount or holder and then set it to function in a ‘hands-free’ mode without any distractions while driving.

With a car phone mount, the mobile phone can be conveniently positioned into the holder on the dashboard, the dashboard’s vent opening or any other places depending on the type. In addition to this, the latest generation of iPhones, Blackberry and Android devices can be operated by voice, making it more convenient for the user. These mobile phones are also equipped with a GPS (also known as “Global Positioning System”) capability, which adds to the ease of identifying various destinations or tracking the car itself.

Car phone mounts these days have been designed in such a way that they work well regardless of the type of vehicle. These devices are generally affordable, making them a good bargain for the user. They also come in different forms, which include:

Dashboard Mount – This mount allows the user to mount the device in an easily viewable position on the dashboard. There are two types of dashboard mount, one which needs no modifications at all to the car’s interior with a clip or gripping device at the bottom, and another which is a more permanent type having an adhesive underneath it.

Vent Mount – This mount enables the mobile phone to be securely positioned closely to the plane of sight of the driver, with a very stable mounting connection to the dashboard’s vent opening (this is considered as the most stable mount).

Window Suction Mount – With this kind of mount, the mobile phone device can be aligned just outside of the driver’s normal plane of sight, and fits nicely right above the dashboard (this is the most preferred mount among the users).


Why It Is Important to Have a Phone Mount When Driving

phone holderA cell phone has been recorded as one of the biggest invention of the last 40 years. Yes, it is worthy to be associated with bigger inventions of the world. It changed the way people communicated. Waiting until you get home to make a call is no longer a bother, you can do it at any place you are as long as you want to.

Unavoidable messages can perfectly be attended to without hesitations. No need to find a cyber to read emails, they come directly to your phone. It was truly an amazing invention; however, such an invention will not miss to come with unfortunate risks, if its privileges are misused. Most of these risks are linked to drivers. Drivers who use phones carelessly while driving have caused countless accidents, both fetal and mild.

You need to know

Drivers are prohibited from making phone calls while driving. You will definitely lose control, mostly when driving in a congested traffic or at a high speed. Well, in this case, you can decide to pair up your phone. Bluetooth devices on phones were created to give the users multiple options of using it.

Unfortunately, some people do not use these features, not knowing that they are one of the best features in a phone. You can use it while engaged in a critical activity such as driving comfortably and be safe. Bravo to the car manufactures, they understood in advance that some drivers would not ignore a phone call even at a very dangerous place while driving.

To ensure their safety, the car manufacturers decided to make care fixable with  dashboard phone mounts. A person who values his life will always consider using this tool, as it is safer than manually attending to the phone while driving.

Technology has become very important in lives; people cannot live without their Smartphone. Unfortunately, life has become so busy to the degree that they cannot move out of the road to even receive a phone call before proceeding. Not once, people have been found in a situation where they are rushing to catch up with a meeting, and at the same time, they are forced to receive an urgent call to sort some few issues. This is where a Car phone mount becomes very useful.

Benefits of paring a phone mount

Phone mountYou do not need to miss an important function; you also do not need to miss a very critical call, but by all means, you need to remain safe. You will not realize the importance of Car phone mount not until you experience one of the above situations while behind your driving wheel. Pair your phone and enjoy the following benefits;

Undistracted driving

Distraction is the causal agent when it comes to accidents involvement. Almost ninety percent of accidents taking in our roads today are caused by distraction. To multitask while driving needs an immense concentration.

Unfortunately, one simple mistake will cause a deadly accident. Definitely, when your phone is in your hand and you are driving, you are subjected under minimal concentration. Here, mistakes are bound to take place. Using a phone holder will help you out in this situation. Simply make use of Car phone mount and enjoy your drive.

Hands free tune

Those people, who enjoy music as they drive, need to go extra miles in car investments. Invest in a car phone holder. This will allow you to simply mount the phone, then pair it up with the Bluetooth features of the car and then keep the music hitting from the bottom of your car speakers.

Car phone mount can also give you a good time to switch between phone songs with minimal touches, and considerably minimal distractions at the same time. This gives you a nice time making you focus all of your attention on the road. One important thing to note here is that some vehicles support a third party Bluetooth feature.

Here, you can listen to messages that come to your phone loudly via your car speakers, a fact that then saves you time and distractions of having to read messages when they come while driving. You do not have any reason to avoid Car phone mount if you value your safety.