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Tax Liens Or IRS Levy Claims

A lien is defined as a legal claim against property for the satisfaction of a debt. In some cases, the IRS places a lien on taxpayer assets to collect back taxes – a damaging instance that can affect your credit and make it almost impossible to sell your assets without penalty.

Tax liens can potentially be attached to all of your assets, depending on the total tax amount owed. This form of lien enables the IRS to enforce their claim by administratively levying or seizing your assets outright.

Fair Warning
The fact is, a tax lien or IRS levy is one of the most aggressive collection tactics available to the IRS. It is not used in every situation, but you should be warned that if you have a high level of unpaid taxes or have received what is called an “IRS Notice Of Levy”, you are a prime candidate for asset seizure.

Tax liens are extremely embarrassing. The fact is, a tax lien puts the world on notice that you owe back taxes. Certainly, this is not something many of us would like revealed to everyone. Tax liens also affect your credit report, as any lien is a negative mark on your credit history.

Be Proactive With Tax Liens
Working with the IRS before they seize your property is obviously the preferred direction every taxpayer should take. Once a tax lien is issued, the IRS is extremely reluctant to modify or release a tax lien. And once a lien is enforced, it is very difficult to remove. This is why contacting help before the IRS levies your assets is a superb idea. If you have already had your assets levied, contacting us can still provide you with IRS help, as we may be able to get the tax levy removed or subordinated to one of your creditors.

IRS Tax Liens

Although it happens everyday in the United States and some other countries around the globe, IRS Tax Liens are not the normal course of business for the Internal Revenue Service. In fact, a tax lien is probably one of the final courses of action in any dispute with the IRS Tax Forms for US Expats . The reason behind this is simple: any tax lien the IRS issues for Us expats comes with pages and pages of paperwork, must define a just cause, and can be challenged through a number of processes created by the IRS themselves.

Why then does the IRS issue tax liens at all? It’s very simple. In our years of experience negotiating with the IRS, we know that nine times out of ten, a tax lien is only issued when a taxpayer decides to attempt to ignore or stonewall an IRS representative. The motives are understandable, but the overall effect ends up being quite brutal.

IRS Tax Liens – The Ultimate Last Resort

At Bright!Tax we have years of experience with several of the collection tools at the Internal Revenue Service’s disposal that includes US tax services to the US expatriates , penalties or others. We also understand how many of these tools typically come to being used.

The fact is, for most people, having the IRS after you can be one of the most intimidating, if not brutal experiences of a person’s life. The IRS does have a fierce reputation, and if you push them, they will live up to it. Don’t make the mistake that many people do and attempt to ignore the IRS.

An important note we should mention is that overall, the IRS is fair. If they were not, people would be rioting in the streets. The truth is, the IRS tax lien usually only occurs when a lack of communication during the collection or auditing process has forced the tax collector to pull out the big guns. Want to stop this process? All it requires is communication. And a little knowledge.

Have Bright!Tax At The Table For You

Bright!Tax has a perfect experience with clients from over 190 countries  dealing with US tax services to the US expatriates.

We specialize in communicating with the IRS as your mediator, and correcting any of the past problems you may have had with IRS tax liens, or other tax problems. Consider this: the IRS has billions of dollars of funding at hand, and thousands of tax collectors going to bat for them. Doesn’t it make sense to have someone on your team?Professional Help Starts Here

When you’re dealing with the IRS, an organization with billions of dollars of funding and an army of tax collectors, it doesn’t hurt to have someone on your side. The IRS Problem & Tax Lien Help Group can be your teammate, and provide you with the professional help you need to alleviate tax problems today. Because we know the system, we have many tools at our disposal, and can frequently reverse decisions made by the IRS, as long as the taxpayer shows good faith.

Having someone on your side does show the IRS that you are committed to solving your tax problems, and are showing good faith to get back on track.

IRS Help

Everyday, hundreds of Americans discover issues with their taxes which require them to seek outside IRS Help. It’s a simple equation: with hundreds of millions of individual taxpayers, plus millions of businesses all filing their taxes on an annual basis, there is a high likelihood that mistakes can be made. The IRS is an organization just like any other, run by people, and the more people and paperwork come together, the more likely mistakes are going to be made.

At Bright!Tax, we provide IRS help for both individual taxpayers and business taxpayers. We help ensure that no unnecessary IRS penalties or liens or levies are placed on our clients, who may have unpaid taxes which have become a burden. Many of our staff are former IRS employees who understand the system, and can help you with virtually any tax problem.

IRS Help Through Offer In Compromise

One of the most potent ways we help taxpayers like you alleviate tax debt and obtain tax relief is through the Offer In Compromise process. This process, if accomplished correctly, can alleviate much of the tax owed by either business or individual taxpayers, and provide a better payment scenario under which to operate. Much like debt negotiation, this process allows you to essentially come to an settlement with the IRS, which typically occurs when you do not have the funds available to pay your taxes.

Professional Help – Wanted, Perhaps Necessary

When seeking IRS Help, it is important that you contact an organization that can be trusted with the process. When seeking the systemic tax relief available to you, which may include either offers in compromise or installment agreements, it is important to have a professional on your side.

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